November 7, 2023 (1y ago)

Boost Your Email Game: Master Gmail with These Hacks

Discover underutilized Gmail features that can revolutionize the way you manage emails, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Martin Adams
Martin Adams
Strategy/Vision, OneTask
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Email can be both a lifeline and a major source of daily stress. If your inbox is overflowing and you find yourself spending hours on email management, it's time to level up your Gmail game. Using Gmail hacks can streamline your email experience, dramatically reducing the time spent on managing correspondence. Let's dive into some Gmail tips that can tie seamlessly into your productivity workflow with Sunsama, transforming you into an email wizard.

Your quest for inbox mastery should begin with Gmail's advanced search functions. Instead of scrolling through a seemingly endless list of emails, try these commands:

  • from: to find emails from a specific sender
  • subject: to search for specific words in the subject line
  • has:attachment to find emails with attachments
  • is:unread to quickly filter all unread emails

Pair these searches with date ranges (like before:2023/01/01), and you'll be an email sleuth in no time.

Labels and Filters: Your Email Allies

Next, step up your organization game with labels and filters:

  • Labels function like folders but better; an email can have multiple labels.
  • Filters automatically apply actions like labeling, arching, or forwarding emails as they arrive.

Imagine a clutter-free inbox where everything has its place—this could be your reality.

Scheduled Send: Control Time Like Never Before

Did you know you can draft an email and schedule it to send later? Perfect for working across different time zones or controlling the flow of your outgoing messages. It’s like having a personal secretary, courtesy of Gmail.

Boomerang Messages Back to the Top

The snooze feature is a godsend. Snooze emails that aren't urgent and have them pop back up in your inbox when it’s more appropriate to deal with them.

Smart Compose and Smart Reply: AI at Your Service

Gmail has built-in AI that predicts text as you type and offers quick reply options. This is a small glimpse of AI that, much like Sunsama, is designed to make your life easier.

It’s All About the Shortcuts

Enable keyboard shortcuts in the settings, then:

  • Press c to compose a new message.
  • Hit e to archive an email.

There's a whole keyboard shortcut world waiting for you that turns email management into an almost game-like experience.

Turn Emails into Tasks with OneTask

Imagine turning emails into tasks with a single click. That's what a powerful integration with a system like OneTask can offer, allowing you to convert an email directly into a task within your to-do list.

Gmail Offline: Your Internet-Free Companion

Traveling or experiencing unstable internet? Enable Gmail Offline through the settings, and you can manage your inbox without an internet connection.

Gmail hacks are only the beginning. Integrating them with a powerful AI-assisted task manager such as OneTask completes your journey to achieving email nirvana. With smart prioritization and task management, your daily grind can become a harmonious blend of productivity and calm. Ready to conquer your inbox and free up more time for the things that truly matter? Embrace these Gmail hacks and witness your productivity soar.

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