February 14, 2023 (1y ago)

Mastering Google Calendar: Ingenious Hacks for Productivity Enthusiasts

Discover the lesser-known Google Calendar hacks to supercharge your scheduling efficiency and integrate seamlessly with apps like OneTask.

Martin Adams
Martin Adams
Strategy/Vision, OneTask
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As productivity mavens, we often find ourselves juggling countless tasks and meetings. Google Calendar is a linchpin in managing our time, yet many of its most potent features go unnoticed. Today, let's explore some Google Calendar hacks that can elevate your scheduling game to new heights—especially when paired with a powerful tool like OneTask.

Quick Event Creation

We've all been there—you need to schedule an event quickly, and you're fumbling through menus. However, did you know that you can press the "+" button or "q" while in Google Calendar to prompt a quick event creation modal? Simply type in something like "Meeting with John at Starbucks on Wednesday 3 PM," and Google Calendar will parse the details for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Efficiency isn't just about what you do; it's about how you do it. Mastering keyboard shortcuts can save you a bundle of time. "c" will create a new event, "t" will take you to today's date, and "n" and "p" will navigate through future and past dates, respectively.

Time Blocking

If you're struggling to stay on task, time blocking can be a life-saver. Allocate fixed slots for specific activities and color-code them to visualize how your day is portioned. This visual aid is incredibly helpful for maintaining focus, and it's something that can be further streamlined with AI insights—something Sunsama could potentially analyze and optimize in future iterations.

Recurring Events for Habits

Building habits is hard, but consistent reminders make it easier. Use Google Calendar's recurring events feature to schedule your habits. Whether it's a daily writing habit or a weekly review, having it on your calendar ensures you'll allocate time for it. This is much like how OneTask nudges you toward important tasks, maintaining the momentum of your productive habits.

Custom Notifications

The default reminders may not align with your personal flow. Customize your event notifications in the settings to fit your needs—whether that's an email reminder a day before or a pop-up 10 minutes prior. An astute admin AI would know your preferences, like OneTask does, and ensure your notifications are always on point.

World Clock

Working with global teams? Then you'd appreciate not having to calculate time zones constantly. Google Calendar has a world clock feature that you can enable to see multiple time zones at a glance, simplifying the scheduling of international meetings.

Google Calendar on Your Desktop

Accessing Google Calendar without having to navigate away from your work can be a huge efficiency boon. Some operating systems offer widgets, or you can find third-party apps that bring your calendar right to your desktop.

In conclusion, Google Calendar is a veritable treasure trove for the seasoned productivity enthusiast. Combine its functionality with the intelligent task prioritization and reminders from an AI-powered assistant like OneTask, and you're armed with a dual-threat against disorganization and inefficiency. Remember, the best hack is the one that saves you time and energy—propelling you towards your goals with unwavering focus.

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