April 5, 2023 (1y ago)

Project Management Podcasts: Tune in for Success

Elevate your PM skills with top project management podcasts.

Martin Adams
Martin Adams
Strategy/Vision, OneTask
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Managing projects can often feel like conducting an orchestra—every piece must come together in harmony for success. But even the best project managers need some inspiration, tips, and the latest industry knowledge to keep their skills sharp. That's where project management podcasts come into play. From the commute to your desk, they can be an invaluable resource for professionals looking to improve and stay ahead of the curve. In this article, I'll highlight key podcasts and discuss how tools like OneTask can integrate with the insights and tips gained from them for an enhanced management experience.

The Power of Podcasts in PM Learning

Podcasts are a fantastic way for project managers to soak in knowledge. The flexibility to tune in from anywhere and the plethora of specialization topics can help broaden your management perspectives. Whether you're a seasoned PM or a newbie in the field, you’re bound to find a podcast that suits your thirst for knowledge.

Top PM Podcasts to Consider

  • Digital Project Manager Podcast: It bridges theory with practical advice, perfect for upskilling on-the-go.
  • Projectified Podcast: Engage with insights from leaders across various industries, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.
  • PM Point of View Podcast Series: Offers detailed tips for project managers seeking granular strategies and best practices.
  • People and Projects Podcast: Delve deep into the human side of project management, learning to effectively lead teams and manage yourself.

Integrating Podcast Takeaways with OneTask

Listen, learn, and then put that knowledge into action. After all, what good is advice if it's not implemented?

  • Incorporate Best Practices: Utilize OneTask to integrate strategies learned from podcasts. Create tasks based on new methodologies or communication techniques you've heard.
  • Automating Insights: Heard about an innovative reporting metric on a podcast? Set up automated reminders in OneTask to start incorporating that into your routine.
  • Optimizing Communication: People skills are pivotal, as discussed by Andy Kaufman. Use OneTask to schedule regular check-ins with your team, inspired by the interpersonal strategies from the podcasts.

Why Keeping Updated Matters

Remaining static in any field, especially project management, can be detrimental. These podcasts offer fresh outlooks and keep you aligned with the current landscape of PM.

Podcast Learning: A Stepping Stone to Greater Efficiency

Remember, podcasts are not just a passive experience but stepping stones to active improvement. Follow up on the topics discussed in the episodes by reading additional resources such as the insights from 'A Day in the Life of a Project Manager', which can compliment many of the practical tips provided by podcast hosts.

In conclusion, project management podcasts can act as a catalyst for growth—and when combined with a tool like OneTask, you're setting yourself up for a symphony of success. Keep your ear to the ground and your tasks in check, and you'll find yourself mastering the PM role, one podcast at a time.

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